Digital Die-Cut

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Digital Die-Cut

Differentiated learning doesn’t have to be difficult.

“This is one of the best purchases our school district could have made.”

—Debra Fenner, Hawley ISD

“It saves so much time! We simply type in what we want and the Cutout Maker cuts is out within minutes.”

—Taylor, HEB CTE Academy

“I had the kids using the Cutout Maker math manipulatives, interacting with each other and answering questions. They were easily able to see the face, vertex and shape of each manipulative.”

—Mara, CTE Student in HEB ISD


Thousands of shapes at the touch of a button.

The first digital die-cutter built exclusively for schools, the Cutout Maker 1800 one of the most popular machines, as it encourages a hands-on learning approach.  Having 6000+ cutouts, that can be sized from 1.5” to 36”, that teachers can choose from to create interactive projects and lessons.  With over 250 curriculum-based collections, teachers can quickly create a dynamic environment for students engaging in project based learning, whole class instruction, as well as bridging the home to school gap.  Plus, 22 fonts!  We give the teachers variety to create word walls, matching activities, labeling for ELL, early readers, sentence stems, etc.

  • 6,000 shapes, 22 fonts and 225 curriculum based collections are all scalable to fit any size you need.
  • Create classroom sets of manipulatives quickly - just type in the quantity.
  • Cuts laminated construction paper - no need to re-cut your shapes after laminating.

Thanks to VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Cutout Maker can also connect to the Design Center, the Perfecta, the Motiva and the Trifecta 3D printer to create an incredible suite of products for the teacher workroom.


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Digital Die Cut for the classroom
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10 FREE lesson plans for social + emotional learning

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