The standard in school poster printers.

Since 1988, over 37,000 schools in the United States have used a version of the Poster Maker 3600.  It's a time-tested workhorse built to last in a school environment.  

The original scan-to-print poster printer uses a thermal printing process that only requires paper, so you can track the supply budget your campus needs down to the penny.  The Poster Maker works great without a computer, but it can connect to a touch-screen Design Center to access hundreds of anchor charts, graphic organizers and customizable templates built just for schools.

Thanks to VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Design Center can also connect to the Cutout Maker, the Motiva, the Perfecta and the Trifecta 3D printer to create an incredible suite of products for the teacher workroom.  

Love the ease of scan to print without a computer but want full color posters?  Check out the One-Touch Color Poster Printer.