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Blank walls? You’re missing an opportunity.

“The walls of our middle school are covered with colorful, creative posters that celebrate the many great things we are doing in our school.”

—Pam Flores, Principal in Lewisville ISD

“Having our own poster printer makes is possible to display academic information we want students to be exposed to repeatedly.”

—Pam Flores, Principal in Lewisville ISD

“We’ve had two poster printers for a year now and don’t know what we’d do without them!”

—Debbie Simmons, Title I Family Involvement Specialist in Arlington ISD


Meet the Perfecta STP Series, now available in 24” and 36” widths.

The Perfecta STP 2400 & 3600 take everything you love about our poster printers to a whole new level. Scan to print, print from a mobile device, print from a thumb drive, or add the Design Center 2300 and choose from thousands of poster and banner templates designed just for schools to create custom anchor charts, hallway messages and curriculum visuals for your campus.

Thanks to VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Design Center can also connect to the Cutout Maker, the Motiva, and the Trifecta 3D printer to create an incredible suite of products for the teacher workroom.




Color posters and banners + hundreds of templates for schools.

The Perfecta 2400 has every feature you need in a school poster printer.  Easily print your own designs, use the scan to print option or create a custom poster or banner from hundreds of templates built just for schools.  The Perfecta comes with a 23” touch-screen Design Center that provides easy to use software developed for educators - the only one of its kind.

Thanks to VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, the Design Center can also connect to the Cutout Maker, the Motiva, the Perfecta and the Trifecta 3D printer to create an incredible suite of products for the teacher workroom.




Color posters and banners. For every classroom. Anytime.

The newest model in the One-Touch Color Poster Printer line, the One-Touch +PLUS adds the ability to print banners using our signature scan to print technology. Place your full color original on the scanner, press one button to select your print size and behold poster magic: your full color poster or banner prints in under 2 minutes.

The One-Touch +PLUS is fully operational without software or a computer, but it can easily connect to a computer to print directly from any program.  The printer can also be added to a network for remote printing.  An easy to use design program comes with the One-Touch +PLUS, but you can design and print from any program you are comfortable using, like Microsoft Word, Excel or Publisher.

Let’s talk supplies and budget.  Using standard ink and paper, a small poster (18” x 24”) will cost $3.00 - $4.00 to print.  A large poster (24” x 31”) will cost $4.00 - $5.00, and a 6 ft. banner will cost $8.00 - $9.00.  Compare those prices with any print shop.  We dare you.

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poster printers
5 Ways to support RTI in the classroom

5 Ways to support RTI in the classroom

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