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Together, VariQuest Visual Learning Tools offer a unique yet practical platform for improving student achievement, reinforcing student engagement, enhancing professional development, and supporting group fundraising programs. Read more


Motivation and good learning habits are established at a young age, so it is important to engage your students early on. With VariQuest Visual Learning Tools, you can easily create an interactive classroom through the use of visuals that captivate your students, support early instruction across all disciplines, and meet the unique needs of individual learning styles. Read more


Effectively reaching students whose exceptionalities run the gamut of intellectual, communicative, sensory, behavioral and physical is a continuous challenge faced by educators. Read more


Count on PBM to help you create a photo ID system that will serve your needs today and tomorrow. With a full line of innovative, expandable ID systems and comprehensive customized professional services and solutions, the PBM team will help you design and implement your photo ID program that includes ID printers, and software solutions that satisfy all requirements. Read more

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Not sure how PBM can help you? Let us come to your school or office and show you.  We have Customer Support Represenatives in the field with the expressed purpose of finding ways to assist you in improving test scores, retention, recognition and security. The advantages of working with PBM is that we provide solutions, not just a "box". Request a free on-site demo of the products your interested in.