Campus Spotlight: Buinger CTE Academy

CTE program

“These products have been a game changer for us.”

At HEB’s Buinger CTE Academy, Cathy Kazyaka’s education students use their VariQuest Cutout Maker and Perfecta Poster Printer every day. “These products have been a game changer for us,” she told us. “They allow students to see what a professional product looks like and give them something they would be proud to put out as a teacher.” Her students do all the work - they can easily search the Design Center for the posters or cutouts they need and walk away with a finished product in minutes. They design and print posters to suit specific lessons and events, and in 2016 they won first place at the TAFE Convention with a scrapbook put together with the Cutout Maker. They also had several bulletin boards qualify for the state competition.

Mayra, a student at the Academy, says she loves all of the equipment, but the Cutout Maker is her favorite. For her lesson plan on 3D geometric shapes, she created 65 hands-on 3D shapes for group lessons at her mentor campus. “I had the kids using the manipulatives, interacting with each other and answering questions. They were easily able to see the face, the vertex and shape of each manipulative.” It was a hands-on learning experience all around.

The students agree the equipment saves them countless hours and puts them ahead of the curve. CTE programs have grown well beyond student-run stores in recent years. PBM is proud to partner with them to help the next generation of educators get ready for the classroom.

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