Trifecta Saves the Day

Trifecta Saves the Day

Trifecta 3D Printer Saves the Day for one Texas Student

When Aldine ISD’s La’Jasha Champion won the Business Professionals of America State competition in computer modeling with her statue commemorating the Boston Marathon, it was a first for Carver Magnet High School. Her next step was the national competition, where students needed a physical model of their statue. Her teachers tried three different 3D printers on campus, but none were able to render her statue successfully. That’s when Josh Hicks, the Instructional Technologist, called our Houston partner. They were able to successfully print La’Jasha’s model with the Trifecta 800 3D printer just in time for the competition, where she took home 4th place. 

If you’re interested in exploring 3D printing with your students or if you’re unhappy with the results you’re experiencing with other 3D printers, the Trifecta is a perfect fit. Connect with our team of experts and we’ll make the process smooth and easy.


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