Transform your Classrooms into Visual Learning Environments with Color Poster Printers

Engaged students in a classroom

One of an educator’s biggest jobs is figuring out how their students process information and then giving them the tools, they need to reach their full potential. Effectively reaching students who respond to different styles of learning is a continuous challenge.   And while all students absorb information differently, the majority of students respond very well to visuals.   Utilizing color poster printers is a great way for educators to create visuals that educate their students.

Challenging concepts and ideas can more easily be explained in visuals.  Learners like to be shown things to be able to understand information easier. In the classroom, children like to look around and observe.  Displaying academic information on the walls so students get repeated exposure is a great way to reach students.    Teachers can easily create these types of material with Poster Printers.

Classroom with poster printers

Introducing a new learning concept with students may feel like a daunting task - Using posters, handouts, cutout shapes, and even stickers helps educators convey new learning material.  Children love picture books, maps and cartoons.  Teachers can easily create these types of materials that that work in a classroom with Color Poster Printers.

Students actively engaged

Students sometimes lose interest in lecture-style presentations, particularly those that lack the element of interesting visuals. Through stimulating posters, banners or handouts, information is presented in an interesting and exciting way that garners attention and participation.

Poster printers offer a wide range of learning tools to help enhance classroom teaching and learning experiences. A well-designed classroom with interesting visuals helps children to enjoy a more fulfilling and successful education.  Creating motivational posters in the classroom that encourages learning is another way to utilize color poster printers and brighten up the classroom.

Below are some color poster printers we offer for educators along with their capabilities that will help to engage students through visual teaching:

One-Touchspark Color Poster Printer

  • Operates as a Stand - Alone System but can connect to a computer or network
  • One-Touch Capability - Scan to print
  • Direct USB Thumb Drive and Wi-Fi - Print directly from USB thumb drive and Wi-Fi
  • Faster printing of multipage files and sets than previous models

Perfecta STP 2400

  • Over 1000 Curriculum based poster templates
  • Printing is more efficient and fast with the Perfecta 2400STP
  • Scan Full Size Posters using the 24” Scanner for additional copies and handouts
  • Enlarge 8.5x11” and 18” posters with EASE

Perfecta STP Series

  • Scan to print, print from a mobile device, print from a thumb drive
  • thousands of poster and banner templates
  • Direct USB Thumb Drive and Wi-Fi
  • Print directly from USB thumb drive and Wi-Fi

Whatever Poster Printer you decide is best for your classroom, know that you are creating an environment that students will thrive in.

For additional information about the various types of color poster printers for educators we offer, give us a call today at 800-272-0726, drop us an email at, or schedule a demo of our color poster printers.