5 Resources for CTE Programs

CTE students working together

5 Resources for Building a Great CTE Program

Preparing students for a successful future is the most important thing educators do. We’ve gathered 5 resources to help you not only build a successful CTE program, but to create something that makes a difference in the lives of your students.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) may have taken a backseat during the isolation of the pandemic, with less opportunities for collaboration and hands-on learning, but the possibilities for these students are still unlimited. Let’s build something amazing for them!


tools that make a huge impact for CTE:

Photo ID

Everything you need to print ID cards for students & staff


scan to print large & small + thousands of classroom templates


differentiate curriculum + create manipulatives


scan to print + thousands of classroom templates


flashcards, interactive notebook stickers, awards and more


preserve posters & manipulatives + use with whiteboard markers


full color posters and banners at the touch of a button


the hub for manipulatives and curriculum to support all styles & levels of learning


teacher tools to support differentiated instruction


Checklist: Are Your CTE Initiatives Teaching 21st Century Skills?

With students constantly immersed in technology you need engaging, hands-on activities to keep connection to real-life and real-world experiences. With this in mind, we’ve created a 6-step checklist to help you assess building a new CTE program or enhancing your current one.



Playbook: Building Career and Technical Programs That Work

You may be considering whether you have the right staff, resources, funding, student enrollment, or nearby secondary support for a CTE initiative. We’re here to tell you that you do, and we’ve put together resources, backed by examples, to prove it. Download our playbook, Building Career and Technical Programs That Work, to learn about what a CTE program entails, how to measure your capacity to implement, grant funding opportunities available, school program examples, and much more.


Funding Alignment: Carl D. Perkins Funding

Our tools support Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs by offering creative and hands-on learning opportunities which translate into occupational and post-secondary real-world experiences. Download this funding alignment guide to understand the parameters of Carl D. Perkins funding and how the VariQuest tools can help you meet your goals.


Super School: The Career Academy

The Career Academy in Lincoln, Nebraska implemented a professional development program based on common career clusters in an effort to provide area high school juniors and seniors opportunities to learn job skills in a chosen field. Read more about how students refined their graphic design, manufacturing, and production skills in creating a customized water bottle company, successfully selling their products and even producing a commercial that was entered into a national competition.


Brochure: VariQuest and CTE 

By integrating meaningful visuals and hands-on learning, the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite enhances all 16 Career Clusters™. See how these tools can support various career pathways and apply real-world skills in setting up a student-based enterprise for your school. View costs, supports, case studies, and more!


For more on how the VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Suite can enhance a CTE program in your school, request an on-site or virtual demonstration with one of our expert education consultants and see how your students (and staff!) can benefit from our products.