5 Reasons TX Schools are Choosing CardsOnline MyCloud to badge students and staff


Texas Schools are choosing

CardsOnline MyCloud

to badge students & staff


5 Reasons TX Schools Choose CardsOnline MyCloud


The number of schools migrating to CardsOnline MyCloud for their badging solution has grown significantly in the last few years - we asked why. Here are the top 5 reasons Texas schools are making the switch to CardsOnline:


1. It's robust AND easy to use


Other ID software options claim to be "easy to use," but in reality, many of the features schools need have simply been taken away to avoid complication. Some schools reported no control over card design, limitations to data fields that are available and even being limited to black & white printing only. 

CardsOnline MyCloud provides a step-up in capability and is built on a platform that makes sense for every user. When it comes to badging, ease of use is key. With CardsOnline, that ease is truly built-in to the quality of the software, not achieved by feature reduction.


2. Mobile Capability Increases School Safety


We heard from many schools who switched to CardsOnline MyCloud to enhance safety on campus, and mobile capability was a key factor.

If a staff member runs into a student without a badge, or sees someone wearing a badge with a photo that doesn't match, they can instantly pull up the student record, check the identity of the person and take action quickly.

In today's world, school administrators are looking for tools that help them do more with the resources they have. Being able to access their student data at any time helps lighten their load.


3. Connect to Student Information Systems


One of the most common reasons we found that schools are choosing CardsOnline MyCloud is its ability to connect to their Student Information System (SIS) for automatic database updates.

Anyone who has been in charge of ID badging for a campus with stand-alone software will tell you that one of the most time consuming (and frustrating) tasks every year is to manually update the student database. Getting clean data from the district, moving students to the next grade level or transferring them to another campus, and importing new students takes time. 

Schools that opt to connect their CardsOnline MyCloud account to their SIS never look back. Record updates happen in real time so data is always ready to use.


4. Scalability: Increase ID printing power for peak times


Another key reason schools are making the switch is the Scalability CardsOnline MyCloud brings to the table. Because the platform is built on a secure, mobile responsive site, any device with a web browser and a camera can become an ID capture station to locate or create student records, take photos and print cards.

Plus, schools do not have a user limit, so a large campus can create as many capture stations as they need during a registration event and send prints to a central location, like the library, for pickup. No more long lines full of impatient parents waiting for one ID station to process badges for every student.


5. Support


With any tech product, the support schools receive from their vendor is an important factor. Schools that know PBM (or their sister companies Advanced Graphics & Imagery Graphics), know they will get support when they need it.

We have been an education partner for over 35 years and absolutely LOVE supporting Texas schools. Local techs spread through the state and will be there to help every step of the way, from installation and training to the last badge print. 


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