5 Ways to Prep for Back to School with VariQuest


5 Ways to Prep for Back to School with VariQuest


Prepping for back to school? The VariQuest Visual and Kinesthetic Learning Tools can save teachers and staff so much time getting everything ready to welcome students back to the classroom. Here are 5 ways they can help with the heavy lifting for back to school.  ✨


1. Prep engaging activities 

So much work and prep goes into differentiating instruction and making key learning concepts accessible and fun for all. The VariQuest Engage Every Learner Content is packed with activities, lessons and templates that are ready for the classroom. Printing flashcards, cutting out 3D shapes and foldables, ten frames, creating response cards and manipulatives - the VariQuest tools save teachers so much time and empower them to connect with every learner in new ways.


2. Print posters and banners

Whether you're creating banners for school events or visual aids and posters for the classroom, having the right poster printer on campus can make a huge impact. VariQuest has created thousands of pre-designed posters and banners for everything a school needs. Their large format built in scanner allows teachers to scan hand-written posters to compile classroom artifacts to a digital footprint. 

In addition to all the templates already available, the VariQuest team also releases free posters for users throughout the year, so make sure to register for the VariQuest Resource Center if you have a Perfecta Poster Printer! 


3. Welcome students with fun door decor 

Bulletin boards don't get all the creative credit these days. Teacher door decor is here to stay and we LOVE it. First impressions matter, and it's so fun to get a smile from a student before they even enter the room.

Seeing our Texas school door decor is something we look forward to every year. Please tag us or send pics if you get creative, we love to see the great ideas you come up with! @pbmtexas


4. Make desk name tags with the Motiva

Create custom desk name tags to match your classroom decor with the Motiva sticker printer. You can even upload your class list into the Design Center and print a class set all at once using the "Name List" feature. (pro tip: make sure and use the removable adhesive material & use an .xls file)

We created this simple design in Canva and imported the graphic into the VariQuest Software. 


5. Create a GREAT bulletin board 

We love a great bulletin board design, especially when it is creative and easy to produce. Combining the powers of the Cutout Maker, Perfecta poster printer, Motiva and Cold Laminator can work magic in this space. Choose from the thousands of shapes available to make your vision come to life, or cut out a pre-designed collection scaled to the exact dimensions of your bulletin board. 

Also...the Cutout Maker has an entire section devoted to borders. 🙌


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