6 ways educators can recharge


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6 ways educators can recharge over the holidays


We see you! Everyone has been working so hard this fall and we are ALL ready for a break! This holiday season, we want to (gently) remind you that SEL is not just for students. πŸ’› Take some time over the next few weeks to truly recharge, connect with what matters most and take extra good care of yourself, so you can return refreshed and ready to make a difference for your students in the spring.

Our team has rounded up a few ideas to help as you slow down, recharge, and get ready for the new year. ✨


1. Write down your wins

Take some time to look back over this semester and write down some wins, both for you and your students. Circle three wins you'd like to repeat or build on in the spring.

Most often, our brains like to remind us of what didn't work the way we wanted. Those constant reminders can make us forget that there were also wins along the way. Stopping to take notice of those wins helps overpower that feeling and makes your brain start to notice more of the good things that are happening around you.


2. Give a thank you note to a fellow teacher

Sure, you are going to get a ton of appreciation (and candy) from your students, but what would it mean to you to get a thank you note from a fellow teacher?

Take a minute to pass that gratitude on. Maybe someone on your team has made a noticeable impact, or they've been able to hang in there through a tough semester. Gratitude is magically contagious. Imagine what a wave of peer thank you notes could do for the educators and support staff on your campus. ✨✨✨



3. Start a gratitude journal

The effects of mindfulness and gratitude are well known, but making gratitude a habit is harder to put into practice when you are in the middle of a busy week.

Starting a simple ritual can help. If you struggle with keeping a traditional journal, grab a stack of sticky notes instead. Every morning when you sit down at your desk, grab a stick note and write down one thing you are grateful for, then post it to a place you can see it every day. Keep the collection growing to see how a simple practice of gratitude and help your overall wellbeing.

Take it a step further and involve your class - create a classroom gratitude wall for students to add to every day during their morning work. πŸ’›


4. Establish a β€œword” for the year

We love this idea and will be using it ourselves! It's easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day and lose focus on what's important to you. Keeping a word of intention in front of you daily can be a tremendous asset to help you focus your energy and time into what matters - and help you realize when something isn't lining up with your priorities.

Place your word around the classroom and consider brainstorming a word with your students to own as a class. This is a great tool to help them keep focus on what's important and take ownership of their day-to-day choices.


5. Remember your "why"

Why did you become an educator? What inspires you daily? What experiences keep you going? Make a list and go through it when days get tough.

When you take a moment to breath, step back and reflect, it can help shift your perspective when you are confronted with challenges. And if you ever need a pep talk, call our office. We know you are out there changing the world and we are here to support you any way we can. πŸ™Œ


6. Team up with a wellness buddy

We were built for connection. Finding another person to celebrate wins and talk through challenges with is a powerful way to be purposeful about creating a meaningful connection with someone and to help share the load you each carry.

Who could you reach out to for support in this season? What would that look like? Take a minute and do it now!


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