Thinking Maps for STAAR Prep


#STAARprep with Thinking Maps​


With new changes to the STAAR test ahead, we want our Texas educators to have resources that promote higher order thinking and help learners organize data for successful written responses. ✨Thinking maps✨ are an incredibly useful tool for those initiatives. Our free STAAR Prep Poster Pack includes 3 thinking maps to help your students Rock the STAAR!


➡️ Pro tip: Laminate your thinking maps & re-use with dry erase markers 🙌​


1. Double Bubble Map

Thinking Processes: Comparing and Contrasting

Questions from Texts, Teachers & Tests: What are the similar and different qualities of these things? Which qualities do you value most? Why?


2. Flow Map

Thinking Processes: Squencing

Questions from Texts, Teachers & Tests: What happened? What is the sequence of events? What are the substages?



3. Tree Map

Thinking Processes: Classifying

Questions from Texts, Teachers & Tests: What are the main ideas, supporting ideas, and details in this information?


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