Turn your Interactive Charts into Notebook Stickers

KWL chart and interactive notebook with KWL sticker

Turn your Interactive Charts into Notebook Stickers


Every day, in almost every classroom across the state, teachers are using giant interactive charts as visual aids to help students learn. Teachers have their charts, their bright colored markers and their awesome ideas ready to go. Students lead their own learning by filling in questions and finding their own answers together. ✨ It's magic. ✨ But what happens to those charts at the end of the lesson? What if you could easily capture them in a digital format and reprint them as small stickers for students to add to their journals or notebooks as study aids?

Thanks to VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools, that's exactly what you can do.

The Variquest Perfecta STP Poster Printer has a built-in scanner large enough to capture posters up to 36" wide. In a few simple steps, you can scan an interactive learning chart, save it to a USB drive and convert all that classroom magic to a PDF file that can be shared with students and parents. You can also use the VariQuest Motiva to reprint your posters onto small stickers perfect for student notebooks, creating a class set in just a few minutes.

Just imagine what teachers can do (and what students can experience!) if they have the right tools on hand.

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