Tackling the Rock Cycle with VariQuest

Tackling the Rock Cycle with the

VariQuest Learning Suite

The Challenge:

Create a differentiated lesson around the Rock Cycle that applies to all learners.

The VariQuest Magic:

A few ed-tech tools powered by educator-created content that do the heavy lifting.

Easily Support:

Individual Learning
Small Groups
Check for Understanding
And more! All while saving teacher time.

Anchor Charts + Word Walls

Hands-on Manipulatives

Study Aids + Supports

Interactive Activities

Anchor Charts + Word Walls

Hands-on Manipulatives

Study Aids + Supports

Interactive Activities

Differentiate Lessons

to support every learner

Cut out Activity Collections

  • Cut scalable activities with the Cutout Maker: go big for an interactive display or small for a desktop activity
  • Cut pre-laminated construction paper for reusable hands-on manipulatives

Stickers for Interactive Notebooks

  • Print small-format versions of lesson visuals for students to take notes around and use for study aids
  • Tailor stickers to student needs for a variety of supports

A Poster for Every Concept

  • Choose from thousands of educator-created poster templates or bring in your own design and print posters large or small to support learning on every level
  • Laminate and reuse with expo markers

Scan docs large and small

  • Scan large to small or small to large with the Perfecta Poster Printer's built-in large format scanner
  • Print 8.5x11 copies of large data charts or save them to a USB for the class archive

Laminate with ease

  • Seals documents with adhesive, so you can cut straight through with no peeling around the edges
  • Low maintenance and hassel-free
  • The perfect companion to the Cutout Maker, which can cut pre-laminated construction paper

Cutout Maker Magic

  • Choose from over 5,000 shapes, 20 fonts and 250 Activity Collections, scalable to any size at the touch of a button
  • Cuts construction paper, vinyl, magnetic material and more

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