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For over 30 years Precision Business Machines has been a trusted partner in the education space, bringing top tech products to life in Texas schools. We believe that a thriving school can change the world. It is our passion to give teachers the tools they need to keep kids engaged in the classroom and safe at school every day so that every student – no matter their learning style, background or ability – has the opportunity to learn, thrive and impact their community.

Since the days of pioneering the first poster printer for schools we are driven by one question: “What do teachers need?”. We see teachers spend a ton of time working to differentiate curriculum, make RTI successful in each classroom and help students take the lead in their own learning. The VariQuest Visual & Kinesthetic Learning Tools streamline those efforts, create efficiencies and help teachers engage every learner, every day.

We see library media specialists and administrators striving to create a safer, more efficient campus environment with student ID badges, but barely surviving the chaos of issuing cards at registration. We partnered with Irving ISD to bring the first web-based ID system for schools to the market. To date, CARDSonline is the easiest and most robust ID software for schools. It simplifies your ID process and gives you access to the information you need, when you need it most. Our line of Photo ID Printers was built to withstand casino traffic. They will easily tackle the workload of printing ID badges for your student population year after year.

The driving force behind Precision Business Machines is and always will be our amazing customers. Your time is important, so when you need us, we’re here. A real person will always answer the phone and our local techs are always on alert, ready to help. When you invest in one of our products, you become part of the family. Our team provides full on-site delivery, installation and training. We see you through every step of the way, and then some.

Educators are our heroes. We are proud to stand with you as you endeavor to change the world, one kid, one lesson, one objective at a time. Thank you for trusting us with this incredibly important work you do.

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MyCloud Photo ID

Cloud-based ID printing for students & staff


scan to print large & small + thousands of classroom templates


differentiate curriculum + create manipulatives


full color posters and banners at the touch of a button


flashcards, interactive notebook stickers, awards and more


preserve posters & manipulatives + use with whiteboard markers


the hub for manipulatives and curriculum to support all styles & levels of learning


teacher tools to support differentiated instruction